Visiting the region with our guidance and personalised advice based on your choice.

To make a successful purchase it is of a great importance that you come to visit the region for a couple of days. This visit will be thoroughly prepared by us based on all the criteria which we have set up together. Out of experience we know that you can make a right choice only when you have seen about 12 projects and have a clear understanding about the region. Every property has its advantages and disadvantages. We will be the first to point out all of them so you can make an objective decision and a good choice.

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In case the property is still under construction (an off-plan project), we will show you a similar property or a show home of the same developer in order to give you a good idea of the finishings and the used materials. Everything is getting more tangible when you can see it in person.

Current demand of European and non-European customers for real estate at Costa Del Sol is high. That is why we need to act fast. Couple of days before the visit we check if the desired properties are still available for sale. We offer the newest opportunities on the market. We visit the projects from the promotors who are providing bank guaranties and whose projects we have already checked in the past.

Taking into account that we are not the only real state agency on the market and in order not to waste any time, visits to all the projects are carefully planned and pre-registered with the developers.

If you like, we can even organise your trip, so you can fully enjoy your visit. The cost of the trip of 3 days and 2 nights, hotel, breakfast and a transfer from/to the airport will be refunded in case a property is bought with VIDA del SOL.