Mijas Pueblo

Mijas Pueblo Travel Guide

The Mijas municipality consists of Mijas Pueblo, Mijas Costa, La Cala de Mijas and Las Lagunas.

Mijas Pueblo or ‘Pueblo Blanco’, is a picturesque and traditional Andalusian mountain village known for its white houses. The charming village at 428 meters altitude is built on a rocky plateau against the mountain’s slope and offers some spectacular views over the mountains, sea and surrounding nature. The center of this village is almost complitely car-free. There is a large parking lot at the entrance, which makes it easier to enjoy the day trip to Mijas without thinking about the parking.

This village is a kind of ‘Spain for beginners’. Every detail there is speaking about traditional Spanish lifestyle. With its narrow streets full of blue flower pots hanging on the walls and small beautiful plains Mijas is an attraction in itself. You can find lots of cute cafes, small local bars, bodegas and restaurants along with the souvenir shops where you will be surprised with the variety of crafted goods from handmade ceramics to leather accessories to traditional Spanish jewelry and wine.

On the outskirts of Mijas Pueblo there is a botanical garden that has been created near La Muralla, the fortified wall. Take a pleasant walk there and enjoy spectacular views over the coast from its highest point.

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Mijas Pueblo is also famous for its traditional donkey taxis. We strongly recommend not to use the donkey taxis, but to use the new electric tuk tuks instead. Because of the steep streets and distances you cannot visit the most interesting and beautiful places of the village with the donkey taxis.

Mayan Monkey Mijas, the world’s smallest chocolate factory, is very popular not only with children, but with their parents too. Especially when they organize interesting workshops, where you can create your own chocolate bars.

Mijas Pueblo is definitely a must-see for those who want to get a closer look at the traditional Andalusian village or to be immersed in southern Spanish culture in general.

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