You have made up your mind. Applying for NIE number.

You have found your dream home! Now it is important to remove this property from the market as soon as possible. To make this happen there are two necessary steps to be taken:

1 – Choosing a legal representative / lawyer: it is important that you as a buyer has an independent and professional legal adviser. Legal actions that are being exercised during the whole process of purchase along with the responsibilities of legal representative / lawyer are exactly the same as the ones of the notary back home. VIDA del SOL can present several independent lawyers who are specialised in real estate, have a very fare fee rate and speaks your language (if you opt for it). These law firms apply the faire rate of 1% on the sales price.

2 – Requesting your NIE-number (tax number).

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Authorisation (Power of Attorney): in Spain it is a normal practice to give a power of attorney to a legal representative / lawyer who you have chosen to work with so they can assist you and act on your behalf during the purchase process. This authorisation gives them legal power to take care of all the formalities and to sign the documents related to the purchase of a property and eventually mortgage documents. The authorisation must be endorsed by the official notary in Spain (the average fee of +/- € 90) or via the Spanish embassy in your homeland.

The authorisation for a legal representative / lawyer in Spain can also be endorsed by a notary in your homeland. In this case it should undergo the procedure of official translation in Spanish (done by a sworn translator) and legalisation by arranging an apostille for this translated document according the Hague Apostille Convention 1961 in order to obtain a legal power in Spain. This way is more expensive, pretty complicated and will definitely take some extra time.

The same legal representative / lawyer can make a request for obtaining a NIE-number on your name (Numero de Identidad de Extranjero). This NIE-number is a special tax number for all the foreigners who are the subjects of the Spanish tax regulation. NIE-number is necessary for the inscription of your property in the Land Registry, to pay taxes and to contract all utilities.