Family Activities on the Costa del Sol

Family Activities on the Costa del Sol

10 places to visit with your family on the Costa del Sol

As one of the most child-friendly countries in the world, children in Spain are unconditionally loved and cherished. This is reflected in the wide range of activities available to keep the little ones entertained forever.

It seems that Spanish children have no restrictions at all. Late night walks along the promenade with children is a common thing in this family-oriented country. Or meeting them in restaurants around midnight while their parents finish a good bottle of wine.

The climate is undoubtedly one of the main reasons why children in Spain enjoy a healthy and happy lifestyle. For example, while parents in northern regions struggle to get their kids to play outside in the fresh air, children raised on Costa del Sol spend much of their time outdoors. There is plenty to do for them: nice beaches and the sea,  water parks and playgrounds, amusement parks and endless sport facilities.

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Your children will be grateful for your decision to move here!

The beach

With no entrance fees or queues, the beaches of Costa del Sol are a perfect place for your children. The white sand, the warm sea and lots of sunshine – they can have fun as long as they want. Most of the beaches have some bars and restaurants nearby so you can have a relaxing lunch or a nice family dinner.

The beach



There are two impressive waterparks on Costa del Sol:

Aqualand Torremolinos: one of the largest in Europe with over 70.000m² of exciting slides and attractions for kids, as well as several jacuzzi pools to relax for adults. The park has several dining options, however you can bring your own lunch if you want to.

Parque Acuatico in Mijas: it is a bit smaller than the first one, but it definitely offers the same amount of fun. There are five water slides available both for children and their parents. Other attractions include miniature golf, a climbing wall and several mini jacuzzis. During your visit you can enjoy a large picnic area and beautiful gardens.

Theme parks

Costa del Sol has a wide variety of themed parks – from traditional amusement parks with adventurous rides for all ages to parks that get you closer to animals and marine life – a great course of entertainment for all family members.

Selwo Aventura: This one million square meter safari and adventure park situated between Marbella and Estepona has more than 2.000 exotic animals, including semi-freely roaming lions and elephants.

Bioparc Fuengirola: An urban jungle with unexpectedly attractive surprises. This park will make the kids feel like real zoologists – what a nice experience. This is also an official endangered species reproduction center. It is a home to 1300 animals representing approximately 140 different species from the tropical forests of Madagascar, Equatorial Africa and Southeast Asia. In July and August, Bioparc remains open until midnight.

Sea Life Benalmádena: Right in the center of Benalmádena, at the Puerto Marina harbor, the Sea Life aquarium invites you to visit its inhabitants. It offers a surprising view on the sea life. Positive emotions are guaranteed!

The unique interactive aquarium takes visitors on a journey through the world of colourful fishes and seahorses, proud eels and slow but majestic sea turtles, and so many more.

In addition children can learn about various species of shellfish and algae in all shapes and sizes, octopuses and other cephalopods. Jellyfishes and big sharks are especially impressive to look at. And of course two cute sea otters – Oscar and Maya – will be a great company during the tour!

Crocodile Park: A real adventure where you can learn about and observe more than 200 crocodiles and other reptiles, from the smallest ones to the giants of the Nile. 

Benalmádena Butterfly Park: This is a number one park in Europe where you can walk among more than 1.500 exotic butterflies from all over the world. The conditions in the park are imitating their natural habitats with 80% humidity and a temperature between 24-29ºC. There is also a great number of tropical plants to admire the beauty of nature.

Tivoli World: An amusement park surrounded by beautiful fountains and gardens where you can enjoy more than 30 breathtaking exciting attractions for all ages and entertainment shows. Each family member can find something to their own taste. There are also several thematic restaurants and bars to make your visit even more fun.

Selwo Marina: The smaller brother of Selwo Aventura is focused mainly on the conservation of the sea animals. It is the best place to interact with penguins, dolphins and sea lions in a very close proximity. The impressive marine wildlife center is located in Benalmádena.

Teleférico Benalmádena: Another great activity for the whole family. A comfortable cablecar takes you from the city, over the busy highway to the top of Mount Calamorro so you can enjoy a birds-eye view on the Costa del Sol. At the top you can attend some astonishing falconry demonstrations and even observe the night sky with millions of stars and constellations during the summer month as a part of the astronomy sessions at the open air planetarium. And don’t forget about various hiking routes during which you can discover the rich flora and fauna of this part of Andalusia.

Teleférico Benalmádena

Lobo Park: Situated on a 40 hectare beautiful unspoilt nature reserve about 8km from Antequera, this unique theme park will immerse you into the world of wolves. The guides (English speaking as well) will give you an explanation about these noble wild animals during the guided walk through the park.

There are observation platforms where you can take a closer look at how the wolves behave in pack. The feeding time is a truly fascinating experience. You can also attend a night trip to learn more about a very complicated yet fascinating way of wolves’ communication – howling. It is in any way a unique and unforgettable experience you can share with your family.

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